Make cool $hit. Get paid.


Working in an environment where standing out and stepping up happens hourly

Make yourself proud

Creativity takes hustle. We know this road better than most. It’s about satisfying the drive to make and turning big ideas into compelling experiences. What we do matter. The success we bring to the customers we team up with makes us proud.

Culture & Craft

Our headquarters in downtown Ho Chi Minh places us at the heart of a booming community. This is a place that accepts rapid growth as the norm, where living in the present is only possible with a mind for the future.

Work hard, play hard

There’s no off switch. The minute we stop thinking, we stop making. It doesn’t matter if we’re at our desks with a flat white at 7am, in the Think Tank trying to break a complex idea into its most basic form, or sipping an Old Fashioned at the office bar--we’re creators. Always.

Idea is everything

Creativity thrives when talented and open-minded people come together to share ideas. Our flat structure ensures that the idea is at the heart of everything we do. It doesn’t matter where the idea comes from, or how it was formed. We work together.


Working at IDY

We understand that the creative process takes all kind of expertise - from strategy, design, coding and so much more - and that’s why we’re open to applicants of all natures. Just apply under the category that best describes what you do, and we’ll get back to you.

Client services

Project / Account Managers

You are great at managing people, understand best practices, and work with dedication to meeting the needs of our team and clients. The role demands to be able to work on various projects and brands, manage client expectations, schedules, budgets, assets, resources, and scopes in an organized manner with quality and attention to detail in every area. Ultimately, you are the shepherds of the work we produce, coordinating and leading our project teams so we can create and deliver game-changing experiences.


Content Creator

A Content Creator at IDY works in collaboration with our departments to conceive, create and produce work that connects brands with audiences. The real connection is achieved by understanding how brands work and being able to create content that speaks for itself and grabs people’s attention. We believe in original content. Our in-house content production studio helps us deliver amazing results for brands with video, motion, audio and design. We want to hear from directors, editors, videographers, photographers, animators, motion-graphic artists and producers - Let's get in touch.


Senior cameraman/editor

You lead our projects, inspiring every individual in the team, excited about every challenge.

Senior designer

A Senior Designer at IDY creates amazing digital experiences to bring brands to life. You’ll mentor and collaborate with other designers, presenting work that focuses on both the specific details and the big picture. Your creative work will reflect an ability in thinking strategically, sketching, designing and anything required to communicate with your ideas. We’re looking for those who obsess over detail and value the user experience as much as engaging visuals. Bad typography drives you crazy and design without purpose keeps you awake at night. Ultimately, we’re not looking for trend-followers; we’re looking for those who set the standards of humankind.


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Please Note - We sincerely appreciate your interest in IDY but, due to a high number of applicants, we can only respond directly to those who best qualify and meet the specific criteria and standards of our roles.